Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jury is still out

I just took the mini trial rag quilt out of the dryer. I used the accuquilt 8-1/2" die to cut the squares. Flannel on both front and back with warm and natural batting. I only broke one needle while assembling. I put the wee quilt inside a fabric bag to wash and dry. I have a front load washer so I don't think the fringe got a great deal of agitation. I am just not sure I'm crazy about it. Rachael seems to love it. I should have made it bigger but at the time I just wanted to get something stitched up and in the wash to see how the die worked. I also realized I don't have much of a flannel stash. Has anyone made rag quilts with just quilters cotton rather than flannel. If so, with or without batting? Or with just a third layer of cotton rather than batting? I would love to hear anyone else's success or failures.

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  1. I have the smaller rag die and realized very fast that I should have bought the large one. I personally am not very impressed with rag quilts but I have a couple baby sized ones in a local boutique and the adults go crazy for them. They keep saying that they would love one for themselves. Not sure if I want to make them again though. Maybe out of cotton they might be easier to cut on the die.

    1. Yeah I think the small one would be a lot of effort keeping edges to not fold over and not have it build up fast.

  2. Yep I have made a twin sized rag quilt I used flannel for the top squares and cotton fabric for the bottom squares and no batting. It was a mess to make, and I washed in my old school washer 3 times to get the amount of fringing I wanted. It was much lighter and more huggable that one made thicker. I gave it to my niece so I am not sure how well it has held up through time. Back then I said I would never make another one...but now I think I would try it again if I had a good reason too. Your Pizza Pal :)