Monday, February 27, 2012

Accuquilt Apple Core Saga

I joined a couple strips together and they are a hot mess as Pam from Hip To Be a Square podcast would say. There are puckers and misaligned corners abound. I think my new plans for this project involves shoving it all in a baggie and someday in the very distant future trying to finish assembly. Maybe hand piecing would be more forgiving? I am not a hand piecer at the current time. Maybe some day I will be and this project will be already and waiting for me.

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  1. Oh no. Don't give up. It doesn't take long to master sewing curves and there are several tutorials that can help too.

    did you pin your apple core pieces? Any chance you can post some photos on how you pinned?


  2. Keep going! I love your fabric choices. Maybe get it to table topper size, quilt it, wash it and you won't be able to see any of the less than perfect seams. It looks so nice in the picture.

    1. When I sewed my first set of apple core pieces (cut with my Go)I had tucks and waves too. Then I started pinning the pieces and that helped alot. I think using some starch would help also.

      I agree with Coral. Make it into a table topper or runner. If it isn't perfect then you won't worry if something gets spilled on it. Plus, as a table topper you can place a plant on it and then maybe you won't notice any wonkines :)

  3. Have you tried a Curvemaster foot? I bought one of those to use with my Drunkard's Path die.. it's made such a difference to my curves!

  4. I've done several videos on sewing curves, including the apple core. Perhaps you might find them helpful. - apple core - rob peter

    The thing to know about sewing curves, is that there is a LEARNING curve (as with most techniques.) Don't beat yourself up while you learn. :)

  5. Don't give up....I only pin the where the middle marker give it some times, you will come up with your own way of doing it.

  6. Thanks for all your encouragement. I can whip up the drunkards path just fine with no pins. I can't figure why the applecore is giving me sich fits. I tried the pinning and I seemed to have gotten more out puckers that way. I seem to really have problem after I go past the center notch. The bottom piece just doesn't want to behave. I almost need a third hand. I was hesitant about the curvemaster foot since I can sew the drunkards path easily. maybe I will save my pennies and give it a try...

  7. Go go sew...don't you dare give up! Try notching the curves prior to sewing, it may give you the give you need to avoid the Puckerin. Starch is a good idea too! If you need help just invite me for pizza...wink wink!